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What will I get when I sign up?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be taken to the welcome video. Hear my story of change and find out more about what’s included in this jam-packed (and totally free) programme!

Then, each day, you’ll be sent a 10 minute video on the following topics:

#1. Welcome

# 2. How to uncover your purpose

#3. Setting a bold and compelling vision for your life

#4. Outcomes – making it happen

#5. Overcoming the barriers holding you back

#6. Making a living doing what you love

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Sign up and receive the first ‘welcome’ video. Then, in a few days you’ll receive video 1: how to uncover your purpose.

Each video is only 10 minutes long. Listen to them on your way to work, as you eat a meal or just before bed. Fit them into your life and they will change your life.

What’s included?

This programme is completely free.

It includes 6 x 10-minute videos that will walk you through the process I used to change my life, and the process I take coaching and consultancy clients through every day.

Each video is raw, honest and fun. I share with you my personal journey of change – the highs, the lows and the surprises. Plus, I continue to document this journey through my You Tube video series ‘DARETOGROW | The Journey’ to let you see behind the scenes what I continue to do to change my life.

When you sign up, you’ll be taken to the first video – the welcome video and then you’ll receive links to each of these 6 videos.

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